Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness.

Fight Childhood Obesity

Brooklyn, N.Y. - January 21, 2016

We're making a plan to address the obesity epidemic. Our program provide the student the tools in knowledge for healthy style of life. We're using popular strategies in physical activities and nutrition to help children achieve and maintain a normal weight . Also, in the future, reduce adult obesity, they can also save many health care dollars.

In many studies the diabetes is associate with obesity problems. The nutritional individual plan is designing for fomenting and know fruit, vegetables and alternative vegan meal.

Finally, I will put all my efforts to share my guidance with my students. And create amazing positive result in health. We're creating activities to promote children physical educated.

We Also Exist will work in the Schools

Spring - Fall 2016

We have a greatly expand successful project plan. We will be run a project for physical activities and nutrition. Our target is reduce the children obesity and poor nutrition. Also, minorities such a children in deep poverty their have likely to be obese. These family circumstances are associated with poor health and human developmental problems.

But, always have hope and education for a change the rules. I have determination to transform significantly their life. Because we're giving tools to work in the healthy educational process.

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