Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness.

Conceptual Framework

The structure of the conceptual framework of the project is organized in three dimensions. First, this dimension coresponds to promote and implement non-tradicional activities including field trips, recreation in nature, creative mettings, museums, theater, rhythm and dancing, cultural events. It's purpose an apprenticeship for their lives. Second, this dimension is related to the learning process to increase range of motion, favorable attitudes towards the movement and physical activity. Also, the search in motion well executed. Third, this dimesion provides stimulate thinking and facilitate the development of values in the study of movement and healthy lifestyles. It provides support to the search experience movement that promotes joy, pleasure and personal satisfation. It also promotes the integral formation of students.


Theoretical Framework

The project selects educational theorists to support our activities. In using the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner (1999), Muska Mosston defines the teaching style and Albert Bandura carried out a study regarding the social modeling and social apprenticeship showing aggression in teenagers and social cognitive theory that are applied in education are self-efficacy, selft-regulation, observational learning and reciprocal determinism.

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