Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and fitness.


Theme Activities:

Unit: Basic Patterns of Movement, Simple Games Organization and Integrated Organization.

Topics: Locomotion Skills, Perceptual Skills, Body Awareness, Creative Games, Manipulative Skills, Among Others.

  • Brainstorming Develops and Movement
  • The Dramatized Story
  • Catch The Ball
  • Gallops Through Space
  • Ilustrted Nutritional with Physical Games

Theme Activities:

Unit: Rhythm

Topics: Locomotion Skills, Manipulative Skills, Among Others.

  • Musical Sticks
  • Synchronized Musical Sticks
  • Jump Trough Sticks
  • Competition Music and Movement
  • With Sticks Stretching Muscles

Theme Activities:


Unit: Movement Theatre Games

Topics: Physical Fitness, Motor Skills, Enjoy The Movement, Relocalization, Among Others.

  • The Blind Dog
  • Call your Favorite Vegetables
  • Talk on the Television
  • Crazy Hat
  • Jump, Jump and Jump

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